Keeping things simple

For most, the process of having a new website made can seem troublesome. There’s a lot of details to consider, technical terms to grasp and as a buyer, it can be daunting to purchase something that you don’t feel like you fully comprehend.

I focus on keeping things simple and easily accessible to you. I will always make sure that you know what you’re paying for, and I’ll update you as we go – so you always have a clear sense of what stage we’re at in the process, and when we’ll arrive at the next.

The process


Together we draft an overview of your business and your end user or customer, your design style, page requirements and specifications for the website.


I start designing and developing the website based on our conversation. This includes setting up the pages, menus and basic information, and testing the required functions.


You receive your new website live on a test domain so you can review all the features and functions. Take note of any needed corrections and possible additions.


I implement your corrections and additions. Once it’s all tested and approved, you’ll receive a user login, and I’ll upload the website to the final domain.